The choir leader has been working with his former school over the last few months to help build confidence and demonstrate presentation skills among both teachers and students alike.


The scheme is funded by The Aloud charity supporters, The Hodge Foundation, and was devised to bring singing back into every classroom by equipping all – not just music teachers – with the confidence to give pupils the opportunity to sing and be part of a choir, no matter their level of talent.


It has been piloted at White Rose Primary School in New Tredegar, where TV presenter, composer, arranger and choral conductor Tim, was a pupil.


He created the group Only Men Aloud, a Welsh male vocal ensemble, who shot to fame as international performers after winning BBC’s Last Choir Standing; winning Album of the Year at the Classical Brit awards and singing at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.


Tim, who believes passionately in the transformative power of music and that everybody should be given the opportunity to engage in the arts, said: “We are very privileged to welcome these Royal visitors and to give the pupils here further opportunity to be part of such an experience.


“I’ve been blessed in my life to have discovered something that defined and uplifted me. Music has been a constant in my life and that started when I attended this school. I’m passionate about ensuring each new generation has the same opportunities I had and this new strand of our work is aimed at every child in Wales.


“I knew exactly where I wanted to run the pilot and to go back to my old primary school has been really lovely. Teachers face huge challenges nowadays and the curriculum doesn’t place the same importance on the creative arts that it once did. But we see first-hand on a daily basis the difference that engagement with the arts can make and that is irrespective of talent. Everyone can feel the joy and improved sense of self that comes when you sing together and we hope that we can engage as many children as possible through Aloud in the Classroom.


“The children at White Rose have been playing singing games, learning new skills, learning new songs and even got the chance to contribute to a new song based on the school’s motto of ‘Believe, Learn and Grow Together’… surely, in our current difficult and divisive world, they’re words we could all benefit from!”


The Aloud Charity now delivers activity through three main strands: Only Kids Aloud, Only Boys Aloud and the Only Boys Aloud Academi; which have all improved the lives of thousands of children from some of the poorest communities in Wales.