The Aloud Charity is inviting the public to be members of Only Boys Aloud for one day only, joining them in song to create one huge virtual choir to celebrate St David’s Day.

Aloud is asking for videos to be sent in of people recording themselves singing the prepared medley of three iconic Welsh songs; a short version of the Only Boys Aloud arrangement of ‘Sospan Fach’ and Max Boyce hits ‘Up & Under’ and ‘Hymns & Arias’.

The videos will all be joined together to form a nationwide choir virtually and the celebratory video will be released on St David’s Day (1st March).

The charity is asking that everyone gets involved as they are looking for male, female and children’s voices to join in, singing at whatever pitch feels most comfortable. There are two different parts to sing – the tune and the harmony – and you can choose either, or both.

The charity has uploaded guidance videos on their YouTube channel with the words and score for each part, and their Acting Music Director, Craig Yates, has provided a summary of instructions on how to take part here.

The Aloud Charity was established in 2012 to reinvigorate the Welsh male choir tradition and affect real change in the lives of young people from areas of social deprivation.

Like the rest of the world, Aloud has been impacted by the pandemic, and has had to make some changes to the way they work. They have been delivering virtual rehearsals and concerts since March 2020, with over 150 boys joining from across Wales each week.

Rachel Dominy, Chief Executive of Aloud, said “We are very aware that now, more than ever really, these young people need support, need some semblance of normality, they need their friends and mentors and they need creative outlets. We hope the activity we are managing to deliver is going some way to provide for their needs.”

Now, they are trying to bring a much-needed smile to faces across the nation with Everyone Aloud bringing people together to celebrate St David’s Day.

How to take part:

  1. Watch the relevant videos on YouTube:
  • Tune – Score –​
  • Tune – Words –​
  • Harmony – Score –​
  • Harmony – Words –​
  1. Put some headphones on so only your voice is heard and not the backing track or guide vocals.
  2. Put the score/words ready on one screen to read from.
  3. Record yourself on a different device, making sure it is landscape (or sideways).
  4. Submit the video using the link by midnight on Monday 22nd February.

If you have any problems or questions email

The final video showing the full Everyone Aloud Choir will be released at Midday (GMT) on St. David’s Day, 1st March 2021.