The new office opening in Weston is in keeping with the company’s mindfulness of carbon footprint, where South West staff will travel less and focus on meeting clients rather than travel time.

Substantial business growth in the area will further benefit from a satellite South West base. Staff work-life-balance has also contributed to this latest development. The expansion enables some of the Sales Team to represent the surrounding area efficiently and effectively by working closely with its customers from a well-equipped alternative base.

The Premier Group has always promoted environmental responsibility within its supply chain and delivery options and a Weston office supports this.

The group considers timber as one of the earth’s most important renewable resources and is committed to sustainably trading in timber from well-managed forests.

As well as its Newport Head Office, the group’s UK offices are in Birmingham, Berkshire, Crumlin, Doncaster, Cornwall and Haverfordwest.

The company is principally involved in the importation, distribution, sawmilling and processing of timber and timber-based products.

Premier Managing Director Joe Walker says: “Our staff and customers are the lifeblood of the business. We place great value on the loyal and committed team we have built here and aim to retain that, while continuing to service our clients in as efficient a way as possible.”

Terry Edgell, Group CEO of Premier Forest Group added: “This latest expansion is further testament to our commitment to providing the best service possible to our clients and the best facilities for our dedicated staff. The business has gone from strength to strength, particularly over this most recent period, and we are on track to record £10-£15m growth for the coming financial year. Being prepared and equipped for further uptake in business is key to our strategy.”