The value of Welsh goods exports was £17.7 billion for the 12 months preceding June 2019 and as such, hearing that the government will now adopt a ‘lighter’, more pragmatic approach to customs procedures at the border is very welcome.

It is crucial that, going forward, the UK government prioritises maintaining a steady flow across the border, rather than putting revenue or bureaucracy first.

The Chamber has long been calling for the introduction of customs intermediaries to support those traders who haven’t previously needed to make customs declarations. We are extremely pleased our calls have been answered, and the £50m funding to recruit and train these individuals will ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

As the local Chamber, we have a wealth of international expertise and access to a unique global business network of the British Chambers overseas. This which means we are extremely well placed to support Welsh businesses through any changes at the border, market changes resulting from future Free Trade Agreements, along with the new relationships we need to form in trading with the EU.