Dragon Taxis Torfaen, South Wales’ largest private hire and taxi firm, Magor housing experts, The Edenstone Group and Pontypool based construction firm OTL Group are helping to create a safe garden space for a blind woman in New Inn, Pontypool, after poor workmanship left her unable to enjoy the outdoors.

Lisa Potter paid over £6500 for work, including the installation of fencing and decking and levelling of a patio, so that she could enjoy spending time in the garden with her guide dog Henry, who she has trained with since 2019.

Unfortunately, poor workmanship and the use of substandard materials have created an unsafe environment. A Go Fund Me campaign was set up in late August to fundraise to make the garden more secure. To date, just £145 has been raised of the £6500 target.

To ease the stress and put the garden right, the three local companies have all joined forces.

Harry Roberts, from Dragon Taxis said: “We were saddened to read of Lisa’s news. This is an unacceptable situation.

“Dragon Taxis Torfaen really cares about the people of Torfaen and our local community. We were shocked to see the level of workmanship when we visited.

“Along with Edenstone and OTL Group, we decided to step in to put things right and to provide practical solutions, so that Lisa and Henry can once again spend time in a safe and enjoyable outdoor space.

“Between the three of us, we are drawing upon the best expertise and skilled professionals to transform the garden and will be covering the costs of this renovation so that Lisa will not be further out of pocket.”

Lisa said: “I was really surprised, but so grateful for the help that’s been offered to me. They’ve restored my confidence and helped me overcome my initial disappointment. I regularly travel with Dragon and Henry, and  have every faith they will be the team I need and will be true to their word and commitment. I can’t wait to enjoy my garden.”

Martin Barnfield, Operations Director at OTL Group, said: “We were horrified by the standard of the garden makeover and as a local company, we were keen to get involved in making it right for her. With over 35 years’ experience within the trade, it’s frustrating that workmanship like this is all too often associated with our sector.

“As part of this collaboration, ourselves and Edenstone will provide the plants and labour between us to facilitate the complete makeover.”

Like Lisa, Nick Barrett, Operations Manager at Ashgrove Partnerships, which is part of the Edenstone Group; is also from New Inn and her plight really struck a chord with him.

Nick added: “It is very disappointing to see people being taken advantage of like this, when there are reputable companies that take genuine pride in their work.

“We believe in making a difference in our local communities – we’re just a short distance away from Lisa – and we are pleased to be able to contribute both materials and expertise to this project through our Edenstone Foundation. We’re planning on having everything put right for Lisa as soon as possible.”

Dragon Taxis operates across Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport, Torfaen and the Vale of Glamorgan. The company is owned by transportation technology innovators Veezu Group, headed by CEO Nathan Bowles who also heralds from New Inn, just a few hundred yards from Lisa’s house.

A proportion of the proceeds from every home sold by the Edenstone Group, which includes Ashgrove Partnerships, goes to fund the Edenstone Foundation, helping making a difference in local communities.